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Message from our President

from April 1, 2021

Dear Members,

Throughout the disruptive times in 2020, your congregation was a leader in the Louisville community amongst all houses of worship on responding to the pandemic and its effect on such institutions. We never “closed”, and remained connected to our congregants through phenomenal virtual programming, constant outreach efforts to members, and impactful tikkun olam activities. We also were able to maintain some semblance of normalcy for those celebrating lifecycle events through safe, in-person services.

While we led during the shutdown, we will also lead the community in reopening. The Temple has begun the process to further open our building to in-person activity. This process started with our talented Re-opening Task Force, which is comprised of congregants that include an attorney and physician. We outlined a flexible plan to begin certain activities, and this was taken to our Board of Trustees for further fine-tuning and implementation. Some major highlights include:

  • Starting April 23, allowing 18 vaccinated congregants to attend Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning with RSVP on The Temple website or calling The Temple office
  • Starting in May, in-person B’nei Mitzvah classes
  • Occasional outdoor services that will allow 50 vaccinated or unvaccinated people
  • An increase in the number of allowable people at graveside funeral services
  • Continuing our current policies on in-person Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Continued encouragement and efforts to vaccinate Temple and ECEC preschool employees

I want to emphasize that this plan is completely flexible. It can be adjusted either way depending on the state of the pandemic in Kentucky, and our task force and Board will continue to revisit the plan on a monthly basis.

Let’s take a moment and recognize our amazing Temple staff, Rabbis, and preschool employees for their diligence and leadership over the past year. I also want to thank our dedicated volunteers, donors, and cheerleaders who have helped us not only weather the storm of the past year but also THRIVE during this unprecedented time.

Thank you.
Reed Weinberg, President

Temple Phase 2 COVID-19 Strategy
from May 20, 2020

The Temple’s priorities focus on the safety of our members and our staff. We are proud of the fact that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than cancel services and other programming, The Temple has been able to continue our 177-year tradition of offering weekly services and continuing connectivity with our congregants on many levels.  As we move forward to phase two of our COVID-19 strategy, we will continue to be a community leader by streaming services, Zooming educational classes, and other activities.  The Temple will resume in-person services and classes for members and the community-at-large when it will become safe to do so. The Temple will continue to monitor government benchmarks as they are achieved, review guidelines published by Union for Reform Judaism, Centers for Disease Control and governmental authorities, and learn from other religious institutions, as they begin to reopen their doors.  We have been very proactive in becoming as “virtual” as possible, and this has surely put us in a position to be as thoughtful and selective as possible on deciding when it is appropriate to reopen our doors to the public.

Message from our Executive Director

From March 17, 2020

Dear Temple Community,

To ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, The Temple is going virtual to support our members.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to dominate our national concern, we will continue providing services and support to you, our Temple family.  Direct links to both live streams and Zoom video conferencing will be provided in an update later this week. You may also check The Temple website mid-week for detailed instructions.

We will continue to hold Shabbat services, adult education and Temple Scholars classes, Religious School, and Shabbat morning Torah study through either live streaming or Zoom video conferencing. Please see the following list of some of our regular services and programming and how we will work to bring them to you:

  • Friday Night and Saturday Morning Services:  Live streamed at our YouTube page
  • Saturday Morning Torah Study:  Zoom video conferencing
  • Sunday and Wednesday Religious School: Live stream and/or Zoom
  • Monday Night Basic Judaism: Zoom video conferencing
  • Wednesday Temple Scholars: Zoom video conferencing
  • B’nei Mitzvah Class: We are arranging one on one meetings over Zoom
  • Chavurat Shalom: Postponed, but we are investigating the feasibility of offering alternative programming or meetings via Zoom.
  • ECEC: Closed until further notice; our directors are communicating with our preschool families.
  • To our steadfast volunteers –  We appreciate what you do for the Temple, but for now, we’re asking you to stay home and take care of yourselves

We want you to know that The Temple has organized a team of volunteers to provide non-emergency support and assistance (ex: shopping for food, picking up medicine, or other needs); please use this form if you are in need of non-emergency assistance.  If you are able to provide assistance over the next few weeks, please email me so we can add you to the list of volunteers to help our members.  Thank you to Corey Buckman for leading this effort.

Lastly, if you need Rabbinic assistance, questions answered about upcoming life cycle events or have other questions, please let us know either by calling The Temple or emailing myself of one of our team members.  We are here for you, our Temple family.

Stay well and safe—together we will weather this storm and be stronger for it.

Craig Goldstein
[email protected]

Need Assistance?

Please use this form if you are in need of assistance or if you are able to provide assistance during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 “shutdown” in Louisville.

Virtual Services and Programs:

  • Adult Education

    (email Rabbi David for more info)

    • Advanced Hebrew with Rabbi Rapport
    • Basic Judaism with Rabbi Rapport and Rabbi David
    • Temple Scholars with Rabbi David and Rabbi Rapport
    • Torah Study with Rabbi David
    • Practical Hebrew and Windows into Israeli Society
    • Special Guest Speakers
  • Religious School

    (email Sarah for more info)

    • B’nei Mitzvah Classes
    • Sunday School (registration open for Fall)
    • Hebrew School (registration open for Fall)
  • More to come!