Wednesday Temple Scholars Program

October 16, 2019 to April 29, 2020

Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.
$25 returning students/$50 new students


9:30-10:35 am with Rabbi David
Nationalism and Tribalism in a Global Era

What the current global tension around nationalism means for North American Jews, for Zionism, and for the State of Israel? How can we engage in nationalism in a way that allows for the existence of multiple values? What should the relationship between loyalty and criticism be within the lived reality of nationalism? How might we bring to bear the intellectual and spiritual


10:50-12:00 pm with Rabbi Rapport
American Jewish Herstory

The American Jewish experience from 1654 until today as seen through the eyes of the women who gave it life. Learn about the life and work of the many famous and some infamous Jewish women who shaped our past and our future in America: the birth and development of Jewish women’s movements which brought charity, education and equality to the forefront of American Jewish life; women who changed the world and women who became the pillars of the society which would experience such change; women who rejected the boundaries of traditional religious life and women who challenged those boundaries and changed them for the better for us all.

​Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.