Wednesday Temple Scholars Program

October 14, 2020 to April 28, 2021

Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.
$25 returning students/$50 new students


9:30-10:35 am with Rabbi David
Crisis and dealing with Crisis in Jewish Tradition

Living in the unknown challenges us deeply. How can we gain strength and nourishment during this time? We will explore Jewish tradition for what it means to find faith while sitting in the darkness.
As we rethink the core moral principles that define us as individuals and society. Our challenge moving forward is to overcome the pandemic while redefining our lives in light of the moral lessons we have learned.

The Divine symphony – Core Controversies in the Bible!

The Bible has different narratives and theology on most core issues; we will see the Divine symphony that creates our Bible as we examine questions like:

  1. How was the Bible created? Where do the people Israel come from?
  2. Is the Messiah about to come? Is the Messiah Divine or a human being? Is it a heroic king or
    a suffering servant or a priest?
  3. Good and Evil, moral and ethics and cultic rituals – what comes first?
  4. “Carrying God” – what is the visual manifestation of God’s presence in our midst?


10:45-12:00 pm with Rabbi Rapport
The Roots of Justice

Understanding the Jewish roots of contemporary questions and values beginning with their roots in Torah and spreading outward through Jewish tradition until today. When do we base our Jewish values on the roots of Torah, and when must we shape new communal values for today?

Topics will include:

  • When Does Life Begin and When Does it End?
  • Jewish Values and Racial Justice
  • Creation and Evolution: What Does The Torah Teach?
  • A Woman’s Place: Jewish Tradition and Gender Equality
  • Leviticus and LGBTQ Rights
  • Jewish Ethics in Business and Politics
  • Jewish Values and the Rules of War
  • A Jewish View of Money, Power, and Politics
  • Releasing the Captive: A Jewish View of Criminal Justice Reform
  • Protecting the Earth as a Value From Torah
  • Tzedakah as a Value, Tzedakah as a Gift

All classes are now online!  Please contact Rabbi David for log-on information.

​Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.