Wednesday Temple Scholars Program

September 22, 2021 to April 27, 2022

Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.
$25 returning students/$50 new students


9:30-10:35 am with Rabbi David
Torah of Optimism for an Uncertain Future

What could an Israel-Diaspora relationship look like?  What could a new understanding of antisemitism look like?  What could the dynamics of power and privilege look like?  What could Jewish Identity look like?  What could Zionism look like?   What could a community look like?  What could home look like?

10:45-12:00 pm with Rabbi Rapport
Jewish Art and Artists

Jewish Art has seemed for most of our history to be a contradiction in terms. “Jews do not engage in art because of the laws against graven imagery” was the common wisdom until the modern age. And yet we have evidence of a rich tradition of Jewish art and artists tracing all the way back to biblical times.

Join in a journey through the history of Jewish Art and Artists mixing tales and legends, pictures, and performances of Jewish Art in its variety of forms. Explore the collections of Jewish Museums of art from ancient times to the modern age. Hear music, see film, hold ancient artifacts and ritual objects in your hands, tour the art and architecture of The Temple, as we learn about the lives and labors of Jewish Artists from Betzalel in the Bible and until today.

All classes are now online!  Please contact Rabbi David for log-on information.

​Space is limited. Please call The Temple for registration.


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