Strength in Childhood Development

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The Temple Trager Early Childhood Education Center is an essential component of the services and benefits offered at The Temple by providing a foundation of learning to our member families and our greater community’s children.

Children are nurtured and encouraged at The Temple Trager ECEC through a philosophy encompassing the whole child’s advancement. With a curriculum program that fosters intellectual growth of the mind as well as the foundations for developing personality and character, the teaching strategies encompass five crucial criteria:

  1. Fostering a positive self-image
  2. Promoting decision-making and self-direction in learning
  3. Allowing for the growth of social skills and facilitating social interaction
  4. Allowing for flexibility to meet unique individual needs
  5. Providing a warm, non-critical, nurturing environment

As a significant source of income to The Temple, the Trager ECEC contributes to the strength of our community by bringing in new members with tuition discounts and priority admission for current members. The preschool is also a promotion vehicle for the greater Louisville Community by providing exposure to Jewish holidays and traditions to non-Jewish families. For example, the school teaches Shabbat songs every Friday and hosts celebrations for all Jewish holidays. In addition, preschool families share in the Shabbat bags their children take home, filled with songs and blessings, candles, juice, challah, and Shabbat Buddy.

Another foundational component of studies for the children includes cultivating a kind and loving atmosphere with Mitzvah Month, when children participate in mitzvahs by collecting food for the JFCS food pantry and books for broader distribution.

Overview of The Temple Trager Early Childhood Education Center:

Staff and Students

A devoted staff at The Temple Trager ECEC includes many teachers who have been at the preschool for 20 years or more. The team embraces Jewish learning, traditions, and religion, participating in Temple events to offer babysitting services for families in attendance. Currently, there are 16 classrooms for children six weeks to kindergarten age, with a plan from the leadership team to add two additional classrooms later this year. That will result in an overall increase in capacity to 215 students.

Facility and Technology

The facilities team renovated our school’s facilities earlier this year with updates that included painting, new carpeting, and new lighting. In addition, pre-K and Kindergarten classes are newly equipped with SmartBoards, and the Little Techies program helps the younger children learn the basics of how to use a computer. Families can also tune into special programming on Facebook Live.


Safety precautions are a priority at The Temple Trager ECEC, which utilizes strict security policies and procedures with up-to-date technology to keep the children safe.

Apply NOW to Enroll a Child

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Don’t forget, if you are a Temple member; you get a discount on tuition and priority admission!