Membership is so much more than worship services and tickets to events.
It is your connection to your Jewish heritage and the greater Jewish community around the world.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of The Temple, you are part of a family, a connected group of friends, a vibrant local Jewish community, and the Jewish world. Members of The Temple enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

Membership Options and Financial Commitments

We strive to offer a number of programs, support groups, and services to fulfill our mission and to meet the needs of our members and community. As part of our Covenant of Membership, we ask that each member of our congregation support the activities and maintenance of our Temple and the services we provide to the Greater Louisville community with an annual financial commitment.

It is The Temple’s goal to make membership affordable for all and we are committed to creating a community where all congregants feel welcomed, valued, and vested in our congregation regardless of their financial situation. No one is ever refused membership in The Temple on the basis of one’s ability to make or fulfill a financial commitment.  Please review the Financial Commitment and Payment Authorization Form and contact Jay Waldman with any questions or for additional information.


$2,285 annual financial commitment

Includes all benefits of membership.

Free Will (at least one adult under 40*)

$1,800 annual financial commitment suggested OR any amount of your choosing.

Includes all benefits of membership.

Non-Resident (member in good standing living 50+ miles away)

$575 annual financial commitment.

Includes all benefits of membership.

Associate (verifiable membership, in good standing, at another Synagogue)

$575 annual financial commitment.

Includes tickets for High Holidays, classes and trips for members only, and facility rental discounts.

A paper version of the Covenant can also be downloaded HERE to be completed manually.

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