Commit to LIFE & LEGACY Future Giving

How has The Temple served you and your family?  What legacy do you want to leave?  How might you impact future generations?  The Louisville Jewish community has embraced Life & Legacy as the track to establish legacy (after-lifetime) giving.  The Temple firmly established its Legacy Society by securing over 50 commitments thus far.  Learn how YOU can create a lasting legacy at The Temple!
Matt Schwartz


If not me, who? The Temple has been very important to the life of my family. It seems obvious to me to do what I am able and give back – beyond current giving, it is “easy” to commit to more significant and impactful giving through estate planning. This is how I pay back my parents and grandparents who did what they were able years ago. I am now modeling generosity to my kids as well!

Matt Schwartz

The Temple thanks the generous community members* who have made a LIFE & LEGACY gift to our endowment fund or who have vowed to support our organization in their wills, trusts, retirement accounts or life insurance policies:

Ronald and Marie Abrams
Susan Allen
Rabbi David and Ya’ala Ariel-Joel
Lisa Sobel-Berlow & Benji Berlow
Julie Frank Ensign
Michael B. Friedman
Richard and Ryan Frockt
Sylvia and Steve Glassman
Alan Glaubinger
Dr. Karen Abrams and Dr. Jeffrey Glazer
Carole Goldberg
Craig Goldstein
Raema E. Green
Mickey and Carol Heideman
Andrew and Ali Ignatow
Faina Kaplan
Lisa and Robert Klein
Louis Levy
Janet and Sonny Meyer
Jacques Morris z”l
Nancy Gall-Clayton and Jan Morris

Michael and Mindy R. Needleman
The Nibur Family
Houston M. Oppenheimer
Stuart H. and Nancy W. Robenson
Dr. Edward and Shannon Rothschild II
Susan Rudy
Michael and Beth Salamon
Matt and Cindy Schwartz
Scott and Kim Schwartz
Bill and Mary Stone
Rebecca Ruby Swansburg
Leni Z. Sweet
Karen and Jay Waldman
Barth A. Weinberg
Edward and Elaine Weinberg
Morris and Terry Weiss
Ben and Julia Winter
Dr. Kenneth and Shelly Zegart
Anonymous (14)

* as of July 1, 2020
** (z”l) – Of Blessed Memory

Legacy Gift Confirmation
Legacy Gift Confirmation
Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent

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Life & Legacy

What is LIFE & LEGACY?

LIFE & LEGACY is a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Community of Louisville, with the support of the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit Jewish synagogues and organizations. Legacy giving – sometimes called planned giving – strengthens the community that The Temple serves and, in many instances, also provides you with tax advantages. It ensures that you will be remembered both by those who directly benefit from your generosity to The Temple as well as those who will be inspired by your example of planning for future donations.

It’s easy to name The Temple as a beneficiary:

  • Go online:

    Access your financial account online and add The Temple as a beneficiary. Please contact us for your Tax ID.

  • Contact your plan administrator:

    Request a beneficiary designation form. An attorney is not needed to make this type of gift.

Life and Legacy