High Holy Days 2021/5782 – Member Bags

Dear Members,

Out of utmost concern for our members’ health and safety, our Reopening Task Force and Board of Trustees met this week and made the following changes for this year’s Rosh Hashanah services:

  • In order to attend in-person, we will require every member household to RSVP again for in-person services at thetemplelouky.org/HHD or call The Temple office at 502-423-1818. Any RSVPs we have received in the past few weeks have been removed, and we are restarting RSVPs again to accommodate the changes below.
  • Only fully vaccinated members can attend in-person, indoor services. Proof of vaccination is required either in-person or by uploading online with RSVP registration.
  • We will limit the number of people who can attend in person to 125 members to accommodate social distancing guidelines.
  • Masks and social distancing are required for all in-person services (both indoors and outdoors).
  • Seating will be assigned and in alphabetical order according to last name.  A chart will be given to you as you walk in to show your seating location.
  • The deadline to RSVP for in-person services is Thursday, September 2 at noon. No RSVP is necessary for attending virtually.
  • Our morning children’s service and zoo activity on Tuesday, September 7 have been canceled
  • For our evening outdoor children’s service in the Klein Center parking lot, children 2+ are requested to wear their masks to the best of their abilities.

All of these changes only affect congregants who wish to attend in person. For any member who wants to celebrate the High Holy Days at home, we have made every effort to celebrate virtually available and meaningful. Every member household should have received or is scheduled to receive a High Holy Day Member Bag with customized prayerbooks and treats to celebrate the holidays at home. Moreover, we have multiple ways to watch services live or at your convenience on YouTube, Facebook, or The Temple’s new Mobile app, Roku Channel, and Apple TV Channel. If you need help accessing our live streaming options, please contact Benji at benji@thetemplelouky.org or 502-212-2035.

These are truly unprecedented times. Please know the entire Temple team, including our staff, Rabbis, and Board of Trustees, are doing our best to bring as much comfort, hope, and support as we can to all of our members.

Lastly, decisions regarding in-person Yom Kippur services will be made immediately following Rosh Hashanah.

Thank you,
Michael Salamon, President

High Holy Days 2021/5782 Registration

We will once again be using our customized services for members participating in person and from their homes.

The vision of creating new prayer books for these High Holy Days came from the hope that we might provide for our congregation a way to bridge the distance of the virtual services which we are streaming into their homes, by placing in their hands these familiar words of prayer in an accessible and familiar form. The services are designed specifically for our congregation, drawn with Hebrew and English prayers selected from the current and historic prayer books of Reform Judaism, other High Holy Day resources and prayers, and blessings written by rabbis of The Temple as well. Editing these new prayer books was a labor of love – with Rabbi David carefully selecting the prayers to fit well within an online format, while Rabbi Rapport designed and edited each page of the 150-page work. And none of this would have been possible without the support of The Temple Women of Reform Judaism / Sisterhood and The Temple Brotherhood who sponsored the project so that every Temple family could receive a copy of the prayer books delivered to their homes.

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