While our members continue to stay safe at home, The Temple staff has been busier than ever!

For a peek behind the curtain of what goes on in a typical day, we created a quick video! While we may not see you in person, The Temple continues to facilitate an expansive array of educational classes, religious services, meetings, mailings, ZOOM calls, emails, technology advancements, building updates, membership, volunteers, Tikkun Olam, maintenance projects, fundraising, Covid-19 protocol, religious school, preschool, special events, inter-congregational alliances, etc. All require an enormous amount of legwork! In short, it takes a lot to run a congregation from a very small team and the goal is to continue to engage our members safely each month and maintain The Temple’s continuity in your life.

Thank you for being a Temple member – we value your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you again in person soon!

Director, Producer, & Editor: Benji Berlow


The Mission of The Temple is to:

  • Be a center for Reform Judaism in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Provide spiritual guidance and strength through the practice of Judaism

  • Emphasize the ideals and objectives of Reform Judaism through worship, education, congregational programming, social justice, and our community relationships

  • Promote the perpetuation of our Jewish heritage